Our Company

Lancin Consulting has a professional team with over 30 years combined experience and has the platform to provide Administration, Property Management, Office Assistance, Personal Lifestyle Management Services, Human Resources, Health and Safety Administration, Accounting and Payroll outsourcing services tailor made to suit your specific business and/or individual requirements. We offer customisation, convenience, compliance and confidentiality.

We believe that providing you with a customised service, the convenience of a single point of contact, and professional solutions to manage your unique needs will allow you to focus on achieving your business goals and take the headache out of running your day to day business.

Many companies view Administration and Professional Outsourcing Services as one of the most viable options to reduce costs and improve efficiency while also making a strategic contribution to the business.

With regulations and compliance legislation as well as the added burden on business that change brings, we can assure our clients of an accurate, stress free service of the highest quality.

We are driven by a need to streamline costs and improve service quality, so that our clients can get maximum benefit from using our consultants for specific requirements.

Let us work from your office, home or remotely. Our rates are negotiable on an hourly, daily, project retainer or contract basis and can be tailor made depending on the professional services needed to suit your business and/or individual needs and budget.

Let us take care of any business that you do not need a permanent resource to do!

Our Mission:

To provide professional, accurate, timeous and personalised services, saving you time, money and reducing your risk.

Our Vision:

Striving at all times to provide you with a smarter and more efficient way of taking care of the most important tasks in your business.

Our Values:

Efficiency, professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and superb work ethics are just some of the cornerstones upon which our company has been built – values we pride ourselves in.

Benefits of hiring Lancin Consulting and outsourcing your business or personal tasks:

Save you valuable time by freeing up your schedule

No HR Issues

No high monthly salaries

No PAYE and UIF contributions

No company benefit contributions

No bonuses to be paid

Save on office equipment and office space

Only pay for what you need done and the hours worked